The name's Kali as in Kali the goddess of destruction. Leave a message and I might answer it.
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Gabe's Hindu Goddess
» oh how i missed wearing my Sari. i might come on later tonight. please send me questions


My friends are the best kind of people

» I feel like coming on here in csplay all bloodied up. what do u guys think? bloody!kali for a night?

Welcome to all angels, demons, and hunters alike.

This is Supernatural group for all the supernatural fans in NY and NJ. This is a place for all of us to share our love of SPN. We will try to have regular meet ups in both areas. 

Invite your friends!

((for some odd reason there wasn’t a spn group on fb so i decided to change that))

» Next month Gabe and I will be spending the day at the sex museum

//lol i never knew such a meseum existed but then again i shouldnt be surprised with new york city. my friend n i will spend the day there n will tell u guys about it//

» I will be on tonight. please send me some messages :)
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I am horrible to my little Gabriel. I think he looks adorable in his new bow. heh. He got a little embarrassed for the second picture. poor baby